Best Open-Source Dropbox Alternatives

We have used btsync very successfully for the last couple of years, but their pricing model would make the way we use it extremely expensive. I have therefore been looking at alternatives, and narrowed it down to the following.

product Pros Cons Conclusions

  • Wonderful features, especially for sharing photos, calendars etc.
  • Numerous complaints of poor syncing and heavy CPU usage.

Great for a small cloud, but not a good match for a heavy-duty file-sync solution.

  • It looks like it is only partly open-source and the full desktop sync client is only available for the commercial product

Might be good but put off by free/paid split

  • Looks like it could be a great product if it is supported by openstack
  • Not a lot of noise about this on the webs, and releases don’t seem to be that frequent

Worth keeping an eye on

  • Very similar model to btsync, not requiring a central server, and allowing syncing to be from multiple servers, making it faster
  • Does not allow just some syncs to be read-only, but only a master-slave model
  • Can be difficult to set up if devices are behind NAT routers. Does not have the amazing plug and play setup of btsync, but this may change since the devs see it as high priority.
  • Currently no support for file encryption on non-trusted servers, see:…ncthing/issues/109
  • Still in beta

This could turn out to be the best solution if p2p needed, once setup issue is solved

  • Very good reports of how robust and fast it is.
  • Each client can sync to multiple servers
  • Free 1Gb account at or
  • A non-trusted server can be used since files are encrypted. (Not sure about filenames)
  • Not peer-2-peer so a central, always-on, server is needed and speed will be limited to the server, rather than p2p speed.

Considering that reliability is crucial, this looks like the best solution for now.