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Things that annoy me about Drupal 8

1. Placing blocks for the first time

Disabled blocks do not appear in the disabled blocks section of the blocks admin page.
This took me a couple of hours to find. Here is what you do:

On the bottom of the page admin/structure/block it says:

Disabled (Place block)
No blocks in this region


Drupal Selling Points

There is a great article on Drupal Selling Points here:


12 Knockout Drupal Designs

Top Notch Themes have posted twelve designs by Vancouver-based IMAGEX MEDIA.

Not only are these superb designs, but they reflect current web trends and so are worthwile examining for anyone interested in web design.


Collection of 31 Remarkable Drupal Powered Websites

A great article can be found here: CMS Showcase: 31 Remarkable Drupal Powered Websites which lists (as you may guess) 31 excellent sites.
It is great that an image of the home page of each site is posted, but it would have been even better if a few words were said about each site, particularly what makes them "remarkable".


CMS Evaluation recommends Drupal

The article Selecting an Open Source Content Management Solution Using Web 2.0 to Drive Online Sales compares four systems: Drupal, Alfresco, Joomla, and Liferay. There is a chart that evaluates their strengths and weaknesses. The choice was made to go with Drupal, and the article describes how this led to a successful implementation.


Excellent list of Drupal websites has just published The Most Incomplete List of Drupal Sites
It is a great list!
Two other great listings are:


Music and video related Drupal sites

MTV have recently revamped their UK site using Drupal. Also worth seeing are:


Ledalite: beautiful new Drupal site

Ledalite has a very attractive new website using Drupal. It is a table-less theme with some javascript effects and subtle shading that makes the site pleasant to look at and to use. The "product quick links" is an interesting feature. There are also some very nice image galleries on the site.


SavannahNOW wins innovation award

SavannahNOW, the online arm of the Savannah (GA, US) Morning News has been awarded the 2007 Digital Edge Award for Most Innovative Visitor Participation.
The Digital Edge Awards are the U.S. Newspaper industry's highest honors for online publication. Visit the site at:


Photography website using Drupal is a simply and attractively designed Drupal site featuring photos of unusual or striking advertisements.



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