Creating a Data Room with Drupal

Steps to create a "Deal Room" with Drupal

  1. create site, ideally a numbered third level domain, such as
  2. Go to site / configuration / file system and set download method to private (for obvious reasons)
  3. enable the modules:
    • contact
    • path
    • profile
    • search
    • statistics
    • tracker
    • upload
    • pathauto (contrib)
    • token (contrib)
  4. Configure the theme and administration theme
  5. Go to reports / access log settings and enable access log, 16 weeks, enable count views
  6. Create a page called /home with the title of the deal room and some basic instructions, such as "the panel on the left lists all the documents available.
  7. Go to site configuration / site information and set the default front page to home and put a link in the footer to copyright/legal as required

content management / post settings: disable teasers