Drupal upgrade notes

Some notes to remember while upgrading from one version of Drupal to another:

  • do database backup (dget backup databasename)
  • install the update-status module before upgrading and check that all the old modules are up to date
  • warning that this is not 100% accurate if there are CVS modules or others without proper release dates. The date module seems to cause problems and might have to be manually checked for the latest version
  • make sure update-status is removed together with any other un-needed modules
  • best to un-install them as well
  • check all other modules are available already in new version (some people recommend disabling modules during the upgrade)
  • switch all themes to core themes supported in the new version
  • do a final backup in another place, (dget backup databasename temp)
  • dget upgrade /path_to_website
  • you may have to run upgrade.php just to get rid of error messages
  • don't forget to enable update-status