HTMLclean - a utility for cleaning up HTML files

How to install HTMLclean (instructions for Windows XP)

  • Dowload the program  HTMLclean.exe at the bottom of this page and save it on your computer. It will probably save to your desktop. I strongly recommend cutting and pasting it into your  c:\program files folder.
  • Run Windows Explorer (not internet explorer). The quickest way to run it is to hold down the [window] key at the front left of most keyboards and press the [E] key.
  • On the tools menu, chose [folder options...] and then the [file types] tab
  • Press the [New] button and type  drt in the box and press [OK] to register the file type
  • Now that you have the file type registered, press the [Change...] button, choose “Select the program from a list” and press [OK]
  • Make sure  Always use the selected program is checked, and press [Browse]
  • If you have put HTMLclean.exe in  c:\program files, you will see it right away. Click on it and press [Open]
  • Press [OK] and [Close] and you are done!

How to use HTMLclean

  • If you are using Word, save the file as a web page. (Use “filtered HTML” if you have that option)
  • rename the file extension (last three letters) from  .htm to  .drt
  • double-click the file and a cleaned-up version will appear with an  .htm extension!

but I can’t see any file extension...

  • By default, Windows hides the last three letters because it assumes users are too stupid to know what they mean
  • You can make them visible by running Windows Explorer (as above) and go to:
    • [tools], [Folder options...], [View] tab
    • uncheck   [] Hide extensions for known file types and press [OK]
  • The file extensions will now be visible

but I need a less aggressive cleaner (dust not dirt)

  • then download  hclean.exe and associate it with  .dst files
    (that one is for you Adrian!)
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