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Installing Foundation on a bare Ubuntu 14.04 system

Purpose of tools and their dependencies

  • Bower
    • Function: to keep web assets up to date
      • Updates local versions of CSS, JS and HTML (i.e. Foundation) from Git repo
    • Dependencies:
      • installed with npm
      • which depends on node.js
      • requires Git to operate
    • Drupal zurb_foundation usage
      • there are files .bowerrc and bower.json but it is not clear what they are used for.
        (There is a reference to the folder bower_components which is not part of the theme, but is part of a standard Foundation installation.)
    • Update everything by going to the root directory and running:
      bower --allow-root update
  • Grunt
    • Function: to run tasks
      • runs libsass. Can also minify JS, CSS and images
    • Dependencies:
      • installed with npm
      • which depends on node.js
      • needs libsass to do it’s main job
    • Drupal zurb_foundation usage
      • There is a Gruntfile.js which appears to compile sass as well as do other things.
  • Gulp (alternative to Grunt)
  • Foundation (gem)
    • Function: to create foundation instance (project)
      • used once at the beginning
    • Dependencies:
      • installed with gem
      • requires Ruby & Git to operate
    • Drupal zurb_foundation usage
      • not used. Instead do:
        • install module
        • create subtheme
        • use npm to install dependencies (see README.txt)
  •… —Helpful blog post

Full installation (non Drupal)

apt-get install -y nodejs npm git         # npm is node.js package manager
ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node
npm install -g bower grunt-cli
gem install sass
gem install foundation

mkdir -p $SITE
chmod 777 $SITE
#exit from superuser

PROJ=zurb_proj   #project name
cd $SITE
foundation new $PROJ --libsass      #will fail if run as root
cd $PROJ
grunt build

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