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Installing libsass on Ubuntu

The most minimal way of doing an installation is using sassc, the C binding.

apt install git build-essential
cd /opt
git clone
git clone libsass/sassc
echo 'SASS_LIBSASS_PATH="/opt/libsass"' >> /etc/environment
source /etc/environment
echo $SASS_LIBSASS_PATH # Make sure it worked…
cd libsass/sassc
ln -sn /opt/libsass/sassc/bin/sassc /usr/local/bin/

sassc file.scss file.css # run like this

Installing and Setting up Gulp

apt install npm
ln -sn /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node #Ubunt names it nodejs
cd /home/plousia/inner/themes/ #cd to a directory containing a package.json which lists dependencies
npm install
npm install -g gulp-cli
gulp # to test
gulp watch # to run