Installing Microsoft Access on Crossover Office

Office 97

  1. Install package from CD
  2. From a previous Windows install, copy system.mdw into .cxoffice/Microsoft Office 97/drive_c/windows/system32
    3. Download SR1, SR2b and the jet upgrade to SR2
  3. Open the C/O bottle, find the run command and run each service pack in turn

Note that this crashed when I tried to open an Access form

Office XP

  • Installing into a Win98 bottle
  1. Install package from CD
  2. Download InstMsiA.exe - the Windows Installer 2.0 Redistributable for Windows 95, 98
  3. Download SP3 for office XP
  4. Open the C/O bottle, find the run command and run both in turn
  5. To install an ODBC connector, don’t use the run command, but use Applications/Install Software within CXO. Alternatively you can run the following:
/opt/cxoffice/bin/wine --bottle "Microsoft Office XP" --verbose --wl-app msiexec /i name-of-connector.msi
  • It seems to work so far

Office XP install into XP bottle

  1. Install Office XP SP3 from CD
  2. Install MDAC (latest version)
  3. Download and install MySQL connector

Debug log

Installing CX Office

dpkg --add-architecture i386 ; sudo apt-get update
apt-get install python-gtk2 lib32nss-mdns gdebi-core
apt-get install libcapi20-3:i386 libfontconfig1:i386 libgsm1:i386 libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0:i386 libgstreamer0.10-0:i386 libldap-2.4-2:i386 libmpg123-0:i386 libopenal1:i386 libosmesa6:i386 libsane:i386 libssl1.0.0:i386 libv4l-0:i386 libxcomposite1:i386 libxinerama1:i386 libxml2:i386 libxslt1.1:i386
gdebi crossover_*.deb
  • or if single-user, double click on .deb and install through software centre

gnome keyring library problems with 64bit linux

chmod +x getlibs
mv -n getlibs /usr/local/bin
  • but for 13:10, only #14 worked for me:
find /usr -name '' -exec ls -l {} \; #see what's there
sudo apt-get install libp11-kit-gnome-keyring:i386
find /usr -name '' -exec ls -l {} \; #see what's there
sudo /usr/local/bin/getlibs -p p11-kit:i386 #assuming you have getlibs installed as above
find /usr -name '' -exec ls -l {} \; #should be there now
sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu/pkcs11/ /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/pkcs11/
find /usr -name '' -exec ls -l {} \; #final check
  • for 14:10 I could not get and so copied it across from a 32-bit system and copied it to the directory:
sudo mv /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu/pkcs11/ #download from this page
sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu/pkcs11/ /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/pkcs11/

Other points

  • Machine ODBC data sources do not seem to work. Use file data sources
  • The 5.2.5 mysql connector worked
    • This requires the msvcr library which I had to copy by hand into:
      .cxoffice/Microsoft Office XP/drive_c/windows/system32/
  • Installed mdac 2.7 (the latest that cx office would recommend as being compatible)
  • Access ODBC and #deleted problems
  • For Access it is recommended here first to install:
  • To active you may have to run this script first:
    • Make sure no office apps are running
    c:/windows/system32/cscript.exe "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\OSPP.VBS /inpkey:
    • run an office app and activate online
    • the product activation key can be changed with these instructions.

Office 98

  • The Linux kernel fails to run some 16-bit Windows API calls
    • The key is: modify_ldt: Invalid argument
  • Open a terminal and run:
sudo echo 1 > /proc/sys/abi/ldt16
p11-kit-trust.so186.19 KB