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Misc Zimbra notes

To archive all outgoing email:

  1. Create an account with large quota. i.e:
  2. in /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/ add the line:
    always_bcc =
  3. Restart zimbra
  4. Login to mailuser acount and from options tab set a filter to discard all messages other than the specific users you want to audit.

To upgrade to a new version

  • download version
  • backup zimbra using snapshot and rsync
tar -zxf zcs...
cd zcs...
./ --platform-override
  • a hosts file error means that all the hostnames in /etc/hosts are not FQHN’s
  • to recreate certificate, use this wiki:
  • Remote ssh connection to admin
ssh -p 9872 -L 7071:localhost:7071 -N 

then connect to