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MySQL misc tips

phpMyBackupPro: No simpler backup for MySQL:
Tunnel to locally running mysql server using ssh:
create and setup remote administrator:
first make sure that there are not multiple name@addresses where the user can log in, else every one will have to get permissions separately.
CREATE USER 'andrewfoo'@'192.168.1.%' IDENTIFIED BY 'foomatic';
GRANT ALL ON *.* to 'andrewfoo'@'192.168.1.%' WITH GRANT OPTION;
GRANT CREATE ON *.* to 'andrewfoo'@'192.168.1.%' WITH GRANT OPTION; --apparently not part of ALL
(be aware that by default mysql does not listen to external ips (/etc/my.cnf). Also check firewall. mysqlAdmin is probably the best tool for managing users)