The "Support" module on Drupal

Some notes on configuring the module

  • Follow the online instructions, but also
    • set the support content type not to be on the front page
    • set the from email address to be do-not-reply@mydomain
    • Default sort: State/ascending
    • Secondary sort: Last update/descending
    • Modify the new and updated ticket email to be something like this:
Please do not reply to this message but update the ticket with any responses.

!update_username has created the ticket '!ticket_subject':

Ticket text:
  • Create a client
  • Set up a menu item:
    • Support
      • All Tickets -> support/clientname/all
      • All Open -> support/clientname/all

Assigning an issue to another person

  • When editing the issue node, simply change the author

Subscribing another person

  • add entry to support_assigned table
    INSERT INTO support_assigned VALUES (nid, uid);
  • check who is subscribed, e.g.:
    SELECT uid FROM support_assigned WHERE nid=2541;
    • e.g. INSERT INTO support_assigned VALUES (2541,9);
  • or simply add their names when creating the ticket