Us Magazine switches to Drupal

One of the largest gossip sites has just done a major design overhaul and has switched to Drupal.

Us Magazine, second in circulation only to People Magazine, has got a rapidly growing audience on line. They seem to understand the current blogging zeitgeist more than People Magazine does. And they've just revamped their online presence. Their website has switched to the Drupal platform. As with many other large corporate sites, they are finding that the open-source Drupal model is much more flexible and desirable.

But it's not patently obvious that they are with Drupal, and they don't note it anywhere on their site. But there is a trick to know if any website is powered by Drupal. When you go to any individual post, such as this one, you will see the word 'node' in the URL. This gives it away as a Drupal site.