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Useful Subversion commands

  • To set Id property (ps is short for propset) and list results:
svn ps svn:keywords Id [file(s)]
svn ps svn:executable yes [file(s)]
svn pd svn:executable [file(s)]   # propdel
svn pl -v [file(s)]
  • For multiple properties:
svn ps svn:keywords "Id Revision Date" [file(s)]
  • to “un-add” the file if not already committed. Use —recursive for directories
svn revert filename
  • To remove a file from version control if already added. Note that it may still be deleted on first checkout on other machines
svn rm filename --keep-local
  • to relocate using subversion 1.6 use the url not the repo root
svn sw --relocate 'https://.../trunk' 'https://.../code/trunk' folder/
svn sw --relocate '' '' dget