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Creating a new Xen Windows XP VM in CentOS 5.1

  1. /usr/sbin/lvcreate -L 10G -n vm_mymachine VolGroup00 #first create a logical volume for the machine
  2. dd if=/dev/scd0 of=/var/lib/xen/images/media/winxp.iso #create an ISO image of the XP cd-rom
  3. run the graphical virtual machine manager
  4. make the source of the installation: /var/lib/xen/images/media/winxp.iso
  5. format partition to FAT since then it is editable from within CentOS host
  6. the first reboot will fail. Before restarting, do the following:
  7. vi /etc/xen/machine and add to the disk= line: ,"file:/var/lib/xen/images/media/winxp.iso,hdb:cdrom,r"
    (or phy:/dev/scd0 for physical CD)
  8. change apic and acpi to 1 (from zero)
  9. restart with: /usr/sbin/xm create mymachine
  10. for some reason the network used virbr0 which I changed to xenbr0 in /etc/xen/machine to make it work
  11. inside XP/control panel/system turn on remote connections and use RDP to connect to the machine
  12. remove the reference to the cdrom in the config file or you won't be able to use it from the host machine