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Installing Fedora 10 on RHEL/CentOS 5.3 as a Xen DomU

Please be aware that I was not 100% successful using this method:
Note that you cannot install Fedora 10 on RHEL/CentOS 5.2 using virt-install since the image structure has changed. You will need to use the new virt-install in 5.3

Mounting the client disks from the host

Assuming you haven't used LVM for the client, you can do the following:
kpartx -av /dev/vg/vm_fred #create mapping - will return all the mappings available
#ls -l /dev/mapper/ #will give you their names
mount /dev/mapper/nameofmappingp1 mountpoint #mount the one you want (e.g mount /dev/mapper/vm_fred2 vm_fred )
#do stuff
umount mountpoint #must do this before removing mapping
kpartx -dv /dev/vg/vm_fred #remove mapping when done

other stuff

yum install rss-glx-gnome-screensaver #skyrocket screensaver
yum install rss-glx-kde # or for kde