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Installing Open Atrium


  • download no-core version
  • replace all modules in repo with symbolic links
  • create standard Drupal 7 site
  • link openatrium directory into profiles/openatrium
  • install site using openatrium install profile
dget install openatrium 7.x-2.19-no-core d7paths
grep memory_limit /etc/php.ini       #should be >= 256M
grep max_allowed_packet /etc/my.cnf  #should be >= 32M (add under [mysqld]}
  • Go through OA contrib modules and any we have already replace with the one in the repo

function repoa {
  rm -Rf $oa/modules

Drupal and Facebook

Installing RedHen CRM

1. Install modules on server

dget install redhen 7.x-1.7 d7paths
dget install message 7.x-1.9 d7paths
dget install relation 7.x-1.0-rc5 d7paths
dget install registration 7.x-1.3 d7paths
dget install redhen_membership 7.x-1.x-dev d7paths
dget install entityreference 7.x-1.1 d7paths
dget install addressfield 7.x-1.0-beta5 d7paths

  • assume entity, ctools already installed


Drupal performance notes

Here are some useful links:

In case the problem is the underlying system performance:

RedHen vs CRM Core comparison for Drupal CRM

Here are some resources for comparing the two systems:

Add Zurb Foundation theme to Drupal 7 site


Installing Compass on Drupal server

Installing the theme is the easy bit. What is much harder is setting up automatic SCSS recompilation.

  • The README.txt file suggests using a full-blown installation of node.js just to manage this.
  • A much more lightweight solution is to use compass

updating webform from 2.x to 3.x

There are two changes that need to be made.

Drupal Video Players


Theming CCK fields in Drupal 7

Drupal node display can be overridden using a template file of the form:

  • node--content_name.tpl.php

The simplest way of displaying fields is to use the render() function

The render array is documented here: drupal.org/node/930760

  • Individual field values can be found in one of:
    • render($content['field_name'] fully rendered value
    • $content['field_name']['#items']['0']['safe_value'] will include paragraph markup
    • $content['field_name']['#items']['0']['value'] raw
    • $content['field_na
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